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Tanja W., 45.

When a hysterectomy in her mid-forties plunged Tennessee resident Tanja straight into menopause, the symptoms hit her hard, giving her terrible hot flashes throughout the day and keeping her awake at night.

While her doctor suggested HRT to help manage her symptoms, Tanja decided that wasn’t right for her, and after doing some research on her own, discovered all-natural Menoquil.

This clinically proven, 100% hormone-free menopause relief supplement quickly eliminated Tanja’s hot flashes, making her days more comfortable and allowing her to sleep throughout the night which, as you can imagine, has made a huge difference to her quality of life.

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It’s easy to see why Tanja raves about Menoquil – just four tablets a day is all it takes to make her feel a ton better, and she’s convinced it will do the same for you!