Menoquil really is a great supplement!

Lori H., 54.

Most women will experience some symptoms as they go through menopause, most commonly hot flashes and mood swings but for 54-year-old Lori, this transitional time caused several issues which were not only uncomfortable but highly distressing too.

In addition to severe sweating, Lori’s menopause had also caused weight gain, low libido, problems sleeping, and brain fog, so as you can imagine, she wanted to find a supplement that would address all these problems quickly and safely.

With its multi-action, maximum strength formula, Menoquil was the perfect solution for Lori and within only a short time she noticed a significant reduction in the severity of numerous symptoms.

After having used clinically proven Menoquil now for just two months, Lori continues to be thrilled with the results she’s seeing – the day and night sweats have almost disappeared completely, she’s lost weight, and her libido is stronger!

Lori also loves the fact that Menoquil is all-natural and affordable, and after taking it to a recent doctor’s appointment, her G.P. confirmed what she already knew – Menoquil really is a great supplement!