Sleeping sweat-free!

Claudia M., 54.

Following a hysterectomy, 54-year-old Claudia started experiencing severe symptoms of menopause and the frequent hot flashes and night sweats were really starting to take a toll.

Exacerbated by the high Florida temperatures, she was sweating so much that she couldn’t sleep, and understandably this was also having a negative impact on her mood.

Fortunately, Claudia discovered maximum strength Menoquil which, with its all-natural blend of clinically proven extracts, very quickly gave her the relief she needed, making a huge difference in her quality of life.

Taking it as directed, twice a day, morning and night, Menoquil completely eliminated Claudia’s distressing hot flashes and without the uncomfortable night sweats, she now sleeps ‘like a baby’, right through the night.

Claudia recommends this powerful, yet 100% safe supplement to women at any stage of menopause and has been so happy with her results, a 5-star rating simply doesn’t do it justice – in Claudia’s opinion, Menoquil deserves nothing less than a full 10 stars!