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Allyson W., 56.

For 56-year-old Allyson, while the menopause symptoms she experienced were very common, it certainly didn’t make them any easier to deal with.

When her hot flashes and night sweats became so severe that she simply couldn’t sleep at night, she went to see her doctor, only to be told that she wasn’t eligible for hormone replacement therapy.

Undeterred, Allyson began searching online for an alternative method of managing her symptoms effectively and, after reading the impressive testimonials on the informative Menoquil website, decided that this was a product she had to try.

For Allyson, Menoquil has been the results-driven solution she was looking for – in just one month of taking this all-natural, clinically proven supplement, the severity and duration of her worst symptoms decreased drastically, and she has no doubt that it will continue to bring her benefits with further use.

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